Member Stories

Whether you’re a current member, a provider, or visitor, it is our goal to be a trusted voice in health care for the people in our area. It is the people that make us who we are, and it’s our people who tell our story best.

Butch and Sharon, Medicare Advantage members

Butch and Sharon grew up in Skandia, Michigan. After sixty years of being business owners, they decided to retire. It was at this time that they learned about UPHP’s Medicare Advantage plan. They knew that they needed additional coverage and found out that UPHP Advantage was just the plan to help.


Don, MI Health Link member

Don is not only a member but also a consumer advocate on our MI Health Link Advisory Board.
“I wonder how many people out there don’t even have health insurance. If I could sit down with one person and convince that person that this plan works, my time would be worth it.”


Danielle, Healthy Michigan Plan member

Since becoming a UPHP member, Danielle has been able to get her diabetic medication under control after going months without any medication at all. Due to this she has lost over 100 lbs. and is on her way to a fresh healthy life. “I am very thankful for this plan, the providers, and support from UPHP!”


Clarence, MI Health Link member

“My Care Manager, Kendra, has been my saving grace.” Through this relationship at UPHP it was discovered that Clarence did not have a reliable method of getting to the pharmacy to pick up prescription. The member was told about the transportation assistance available to him through the health plan, and also received teaching from his care manager related to his chronic illnesses, treatments, and importance of compliance.

Page Last Updated: 07/10/2017