NCQA Accreditation


The Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP) is accredited as a Medicaid health maintenance organization by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), with a commendable distinction.

The Commendable accreditation status was awarded “for service and clinical quality that meet or exceed NCQA’s rigorous requirements for consumer protection and quality improvement.”

NCQA accreditation reflects a health plan’s ability to work with its members and providers to improve the quality of clinical care. It shows that the plan builds the kinds of partnerships that are critical to delivering great care and great service.

UPHP is a consumer-centered, provider service organization comprised of physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other providers of medical services. It contracts with managed-care firms, insurance companies and governmental agencies to provide managed health care in all 15 Upper Peninsula counties.

NCQA is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to measuring the quality of America’s health care. It assesses and reports on the quality of managed-care plans and other health-related programs. Its mission is to transform health care quality through measurement, transparency and accountability.

Page Last Updated: 05/16/2018