UPHP/UPHG Summer Campaign Will Promote Annual Well Care Visits for Children

Posted on July 13, 2020

Marquette, Mich. – Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP) and Upper Peninsula Health Group (UPHG) today launched the “Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures” campaign for the third straight year! The goal of the campaign, which will run today through the end of September, is to promote the completion of annual well care visits and recommended immunizations for children across the Upper Peninsula. UPHP and UPHG have partnered with 15 provider practices that will also be promoting the campaign within their own offices.

Well care visits are a preventive exam that allow health care providers to regularly monitor children as they grow. In the early years, immunizations are a large part of them, along with ensuring that children are growing and developing properly, both physically and emotionally. These well care visits are important even if children appear to be healthy; if children have an underlying health issue that is not presenting any symptoms, preventive visits such as this can catch things early.

“We understand that right now, amid the pandemic, parents may be apprehensive about bringing their children to the doctor when they’re healthy,” said UPHP CEO Melissa Holmquist. “However, provider offices have instituted a number of best practices to keep their offices safe, such as increased cleaning and use of personal protective equipment, and adjusting scheduling practices so healthy children are seen in the morning, while children who are feeling unwell are seen in the afternoon. Contact your doctor’s office to learn more about their safety efforts and to schedule your child’s next preventive visit.”

Well care visits should be scheduled every year for children three through 20 years old. From birth to three years of age, children are seen more often, per the table below:

child well care visit schedule

UPHP members who complete their annual well care exam throughout the duration of the campaign will be put into a drawing for a $100 gift card! If parents are unsure whether or not their child is due for a well care visit, they can:

  • Call their provider office and check to see when the last well care visit was done. For UPHP members, your primary care provider and office number is listed on your member ID card. The provider office staff can check and schedule if it is needed.
  • Call our office at 1-800-835-2556 (TTY: 711) to find out if their child is due for an annual well care visit (UPHP members only).

For more information on well care, visit our website at https://www.uphp.com/medicaid/healthmanagement/childrenswellness.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures