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UPHCS Purchases New Wide-Bore Mobile MRI
Posted on April 02, 2018

MARQUETTE – Upper Peninsula Health Care Solutions, Inc. is happy to announce that a mobile, wide-bore Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) will be coming to a hospital near you in April 2018. Two new GE Voyager MRI units will be shared among our partner hospitals in the Upper Peninsula, including: Aspirus Iron River Hospital, Aspirus Ironwood Hospital, Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital, Baraga County Memorial Hospital, Helen Newberry Joy Hospital, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, and UP Health System – Bell.

Quality MRI images require that the patience lie completely still. This new MRI comes with a 70 cm bore, offering a more comfortable experience for patients— especially larger individuals, children, and those prone to claustrophobia. This next‐generation MRI helps reduce exam time and the improved patient comfort features result in a cooler, quieter experience while delivering both uncompromised image quality and high productivity. The 1.5 Tesla field strength is the industry’s best‐known and most‐widely used. Its bore diameter and field of view make MR scans accessible to more patients who need them.

The SIGNA Voyager delivers images with greater clarity and less noise to allow your physician to get a better look at your specific area of concern.  The systems also feature Acoustic Reduction Technology that delivers an enhanced patient experience by significantly reducing noise levels. Every part of this system design was based on making the experience easier for the patient including the softer table, softer coils for imaging, and a Newmatic MR Sound System to allow patients to listen to the music of their choice during the exam.

These highly advanced systems allow you to have the latest technology close to home. Please call your local hospital’s radiology department if you have specific questions or concerns.

Upper Peninsula Health Care Solutions (UPHCS) acts as the Central Service Coordinator for mobile MRI host site members, facilitating the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Certificate of Need (CON) for the Health Service Area. UPHCS also facilitates the equipment and service contracts with the MRI service provider on the network’s behalf. The UPHCS mobile MRI network provides an important service to its hospital members not able to sustain a fixed MRI unit in their facility due to volume and geographic location requirements set forth by Michigan CON Review Standards for MRI.

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