Childhood Healthy Habits Program

Starting healthy habits early is important. It can help your child avoid health problems now and in the future. Eating a healthy diet and exercising are easier to continue throughout life when you start early.
  • All Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP) members ages two to 17 may be eligible for the Keeping UP with Childhood Healthy Habits Program.
  • Children with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above the 95th percentile are automatically enrolled into the program.
  • If you choose to opt your child out of the program, please call UPHP to take their name off the list.
  • Free materials mailed throughout the year on how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Free access to a contact person. This person can help with questions about services and support healthy weight and active lifestyle goals.
  • Two nutrition therapy visits with a registered dietician. Some children may qualify for up to 17 visits. Nutrition therapy is an appointment with a registered dietician to help children and their families live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Increasing activity and play time outside.
  • Healthy food choices.
  • Limiting recreational screen time to less than two hours per day.
  • Annual visits to your child’s primary care provider (PCP).

When your child sees their PCP, we encourage you to:

  • Discuss healthy eating, physical activity, and goal setting.
  • Ensure monitoring of your child’s BMI at each visit.
  • Discuss having a lipid test done.
    • A lipid test checks the levels of different fats in the blood.
    • This testing should begin at nine or 11 years of age. It can be done as early as age two years if there are risk factors.
  • Talk about any unusual changes in behavior.
    • UPHP covers visits to behavioral health providers if you need extra assistance.

Childhood obesity now affects one in five children and teenagers in the United States. Obesity can lead to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, breathing issues, joint problems, depression, and low self-esteem. To prevent these problems, UPHP encourages children and their families to eat well and be active. A great starting point is to remember the 5-2-1-0 rule:

  • Eat 5 or more servings fruits and vegetables each day.
  • Have 2 hours or less of screen time each day (school work does not count).
  • Get 1 hour or more each day of physical activity.
  • Drink 0 sugary drinks (soda, sugar-sweetened sports drinks, or juice).

If you would like to enroll your child in the Childhood Healthy Habits Program or have questions, call UPHP at 906-225-1127.

Check out the information for ideas on keeping kids and your whole family healthy.

Visit the Children’s Wellness page for more information on well care and developmental screenings.

Page Last Updated: 04/8/2021