Healthy Michigan Plan

About the Healthy Michigan Plan

The Healthy Michigan Plan is a health plan offered to some Michigan residents by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS). Since it became effective April 1, 2014, it has helped Michigan citizens to get high-quality, affordable health care. You get your Healthy Michigan Plan benefits through Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP).

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As a UPHP Healthy Michigan Plan member, you have benefits in addition to those described on the Core Benefits Web page. Those additional benefits include:

Habilitative Services

In addition to rehabilitative/restorative services, UPHP Healthy Michigan Plan members also have habilitative services coverage. Habilitative services are those that help you keep, learn or improve skills and functioning for daily living. These services can be done inpatient or outpatient and may include:

  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Services for people with disabilities

The Healthy Michigan Plan Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a form you fill out every year with your provider. It asks you questions about your health, like how much you exercise and the food you eat. It helps your provider to determine how healthy you are and what you can do to get healthier. The HRA also asks you to commit to a healthy behavior, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, or getting a flu shot.

Take action to get healthy and stay healthy:

  • Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider (PCP) within 60 days of joining the UPHP Healthy Michigan Plan. If you need help scheduling an appointment or picking a PCP, please call UPHP Customer Service.
  • Fill out both sections of your HRA prior to your PCP appointment.
  • Bring your completed HRA to your PCP appointment to review your answers and pick the best healthy behavior for you.

Page Last Updated: 03/28/2024