Condition Management

Condition Management
The Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP) offers Condition Management Programs that can help members manage their chronic condition and live a more active and healthy life.  Members are automatically enrolled into the program.  They are also able to opt out or opt in at anytime by calling Clinical Services at 1-888-904-7526 or Carlee at 1-906-225-4654 or Ashley at
1-906-227-5691, or by sending an email to the Condition Management Program.

When members are in the program, they will:

  • Get educational mailings.
  • Get reminders for needed care.
  • Have support working toward health goals.

UPHP wants to help members develop skills that will help them be in charge of their own health.

The Diabetes Condition Management Program provides support and educational materials to UPHP members with diabetes and their doctor.

Page Last Updated: 09/26/2018