Well-Care Exams and Vaccination Schedules

A Well Care Exam is a preventive exam your child gets from their health care provider to help keep them healthy. The well care exam is also called a check-up, physical exam, well baby exam or well child exam. Babies need many well-baby exams because they are growing so quickly. Regular well exams are one of the best ways to find physical, developmental and emotional problems. Preventive care is important to keep children healthy.

A well care exam includes:

  • a physical exam
  • health and developmental history
  • screening exams
  • health education and counseling

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that you take your child for routine well care exams at regular intervals.

After birth, Well Care visits should be scheduled as follows:

Exam Schedule

3 - 5 days1 month2 months4 months
6 months9 months12 months15 months
18 months24 months30 months3 years
4 years5 years6 years7 years
8 years9 years10 years11 years
12 years13 years14 years15 years
16 years17 years18 years19 years
20 years

Well-Child Developmental Milestones

Page Last Updated: 09/26/2018