Pregnant Women

Medicaid Pregnancy
Having a baby is a special and exciting time in a woman’s life.  It is also a time to take extra special care of yourself to help make sure you have a healthy baby.  Review the information below for special benefits and resources available to you.

Pregnant Women Dental Services

Effective July 1, 2018, if you are pregnant or become pregnant, you are able to access dental services during your pregnancy and for three months after the due date directly through UPHP and Delta Dental.  To receive dental services you must notify UPHP of your pregnancy and due date. Call UPHP Customer Service at 1-800-835-2556 (TTY 711). You should also either notify your local Department of Health and Human Services Department case worker of your pregnancy or update your information on your MI BRIDGES account.

You will receive a separate Delta Dental ID card.  Bring your Delta Dental ID card to all dental appointments.  Please call Delta Dental Customer Service at 1-866-558-0280 with any questions about your dental benefits.  You can also find more information in the Delta Dental Pregnant Women Dental Member Handbook.

Please visit the Delta Dental of Michigan website for a listing of dental providers or call the Delta Dental Customer Service line, found above, for more information.

Pregnancy Resources

Keeping UP With Moms and Babies
This is information on a program that promotes a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery, care for your baby, and after-delivery care.

This is an option for getting text messages with information about infant care and pregnancy.

Tdap for Pregnant Women
Why get vaccinated against whooping cough?

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