Autism Spectrum Screening and Referral

Screening for autism should be done at a child’s 18-month and 24-month well-exams.  It may be done earlier if needed.  Children older than 24 months who have never had autism screening can also be screened.

The screening test is simple.  It asks the parent or guardian if the child does certain things.

A primary care provider (PCP) who screens a child may decide that more testing is needed.  This will be done by the NorthCare Network, which serves all Upper Peninsula Counties.

The PCP will contact the NorthCare Network and fax the screening results done in the office and any other information needed.  The NorthCare Network will then contact the parent or guardian to arrange follow-up testing.

Please ask about autism screening if your PCP does not offer this to you.  Timing is very important to identify and treat this health issue.

To contact the NorthCare Network Access Unit, call 1-906-225-4433 or visit them on their website by clicking here.

Page Last Updated: 09/30/2016