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- Home Health Prior Authorization -

NOTE: UPHP does not require prior authorization for the initial 60 days of home health care for
in-network home health providers.

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*Denial letter will be sent to member and requesting provider with appeal rights.
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Authorization Start Date: _________________________      End Date: _________________________
# Office Visits: ___________    # Outpatient Services: ___________    # Units: ___________
Home Health: ___________
Inpatient Admission: ___________    Observation Admission: ___________    Global Authorization*: ___________
*Global Authorization: An authorization for any specialty, for as many office visits or outpatient services as needed. Does not include inpatient admissions or observation admissions.
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Authorization does not guarantee payment. All authorized items and services are subject to review for medical necessity, member eligibility, member plan benefits, and provider eligibility for payment at the time of service. All providers must be enrolled in the Michigan Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) in order to receive payment for all Medicaid programs.